A to Z Reading Challenge

A to Z Reading Challenge


This challenge is hosted by Escape with Dollycas and the challenge is to read books with titles throughout the alphabet.

Here is my list so far:

A –  American Psycho written by Bret Easton Ellis.  (completed Jan 27th) AND Angel Falls written by Michael Paul Gonzalez (completed April 8th)
B –  Boundaries written by Anne Katherine.  (completed April 21st) AND Before I Go To Sleep written by S.J. Watson (completed May 27th)
C –  (The) Cradle Will Fall by Carl Burak & Michele Remington. (completed March 11th)
D –
E –
F –  Far From The Madding Crowd written by Thomas Hardy.  (completed Jan 20th)  AND From A to X, A Story in Letters written by John Berger.  (completed March 18th)
G –  (The) Girl in the Leaves written by Robert Scott.  (completed Feb 9th)
H –  How To Successfully Date A Married Man written by Gloria Bonds.  (completed March 8th)
I –
J –
K –
L –
M –   Magic In Us written by Natalie Tinti (completed April 25th) AND (The) Madman’s Daughter written by Megan Shepherd (completed April 29th)
N –   Never See Them Again written by M. William Phelps.  (completed April 15th)
O –
P –  (The) Plague written by Albert Camus.  (completed Feb 12th)   AND (The) Persnickety Princess written by Falcon Storm.  (completed March 26th)
Q –
R –
S –   Stranger Will written by Caleb J. Ross.  (completed April 1st) AND (The) Sound of Loneliness written by Craig Wallwork.  (completed April 14th)
T –  The Paperboy written by Pete Dexter.  (completed March 3rd)
U –
V –   (The) Visible Man written by Chuck Klosterman (completed April 1st)
W –  Watch Mommy Die written by Michael Benson.  (completed on Jan 16th) AND Wicked Intentions written by Kevin Flynn. (completed May 24th)
X –
Y –
Z –


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