The Cradle Will Fall

The Cradle Will Fall

 by Carl S. Burak, M.D., J.D. & Michele G. Remington


My Rating:  3+ stars

True story of a woman who suffered postpartum depression and shot both herself and her infant son.  She lived, her son did not.

This book was interesting to read, especially because I suffered postpartum depression after my daughter was born.  Luckily I got help.  It is heartaching to see the opportunities for help that were missed for Michele and the thought that her son could have been alive and well today, if someone would have recognized how severe her depression had gotten and obtained the proper help for her at that time.

Postpartum depression is quite common.  More people need to be aware of it, know the signs and how to help if they identify the signs in a new mother.  Tragedy such as the one described in this book can be averted with knowledge.


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