From A to X, A Story in Letters

From A to X

A Story in Letters

by John Berger


From a to x


My Rating:  ** 2 Stars

Now consider human lives, their every-minute, everyday lives!  Their lives depend upon an agreed regularity to which each contributes.  Maintaining this regularity is the forgotten practice I’m talking about.

It explains the arrival of the fruit in the market each day, the lights in the street at night, the letters slipped under the front door, the matches in a match box all pointing in the same direction, music heard on the radio, smiles exchanged between strangers.  The regularity has a beat, very distant, often inaudible, and at the same time similar to a heartbeat.

No place for illusions here.  The beat doesn’t stop solitude, it doesn’t cure pain, you can’t telephone it – it’s simply a reminder that you belong to a shared story. 

Overall – I was quite disappointed with this book.  The premise was good… but it just didn’t deliver.




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