Angel Falls – Review – WIN PRIZES!

Growing Up Little

Angel Falls

by Michael Paul Gonzalez


My Rating:  3 Stars ***

A note about my rating:

What does a 3 star rating mean to me?  Pretty good.  Not great but not bad.  I would recommend based on certain tastes.

My Review

Angel Falls is Hell, renamed appropriately by its caretaker Satan.  Angel Falls isn’t such a bad place to be, in fact it’s more like a vacation or a resort and has all the fun and entertainment there that you might want.  There are bars, theaters, restaurants, clubs… everything to keep those who aren’t too eager or interested in beginning their Long Walk.  After all, Satan isn’t such a bad guy, he’s just misunderstood.  He feels like he was tricked into the responsibilities of taking care of Angel Falls and as he puts it:

I’ll be damned if I do anything other than the minimum required of me, which is to watch over…

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