Dylan’s Day – Book Review

Growing Up Little

Dylan’s Day

by Tim Hutchinson

cover28521-mediumMy Rating:  ***** 5 Stars!

What 5 stars mean to me:  Really enjoyed.  Will likely re-read.

My Review

This is a great story  BUT… what takes the cake… are the illustrations!  They add so much… it’s like a million other little interesting stories within the written one!

I’m excited to read this to my three year old niece!

The adventures of Dylan are brought to life and you feel like you are part of Dylan’s Day!

Would love to see this become a series!  Bet Dylan leads an interesting life… I hope he’ll continue to share it with us!

An example from Dylan’s Day:


Dylan the dog is sniffing, searching and chasing all sorts of animals and objects, but his biggest goal is to find the big fat cat that lives next door. Will he succeed? With captivating, detailed illustrations to complement the…

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