Monday – What Are You Reading?

Monday What You ReadingIt’s Monday!  What Are You Reading?

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I’m going to be starting this book today and I can’t wait to get into it!  I am part of the upcoming tour for Mother’s Curse Via Novel Publicity and will be posting my review, May 20th, on Growing Up Little.  There will be lots of great prizes as part of this tour, so keep an eye out for it!  I would love to see one of my readers and/or commenters to WIN one of the big prizes that are available.

I love books about witches, especially when they are at risk of being burnt to death for being one!  It is hard to imagine that witches were burnt at the stake for their ‘evil practices’, so many moons ago.  However, discrimination is still a problem today for many people who choose to follow Wiccan beliefs.  Obviously, we as a society, no longer burn them to death but unfortunately, discrimination against them is still alive and well, even in today’s ‘advanced’ society.


About Mother’s Curse…

Tradition holds that a mother who commits a sin against the gods will have a daughter who is born a witch.  Stephenie is just such a curse.  Despised by her mother, she longs to be with her father and older brother, but they are two countries away, fighting a war against invaders from across the sea.  Locked in Antar Castle and cut off from the outside world, the youngest Princess of Cothel must escape and overcome her mother’s plots which threaten to bring down the country as well as end her life.

However, to do so, she might have to rely upon her hidden powers, risking others discovering she is a witch…a risk that would most certainly result in her death by burning.

With the help of a select group of soldiers and an unexpected ally, she just might survive to learn the truth about her magic as she races across the country to save her family and the country she loves.





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