It Chooses You – Miranda July

Growing Up Little

I just finished reading this book and wanted to write about it, while the feelings are still fresh.  I sat and read the entire book in one afternoon.  I could not stop reading it.

It Chooses You CoverI stumbled upon this book and had ordered it from Amazon.  It was one of those… if you like this… you’ll love this type of marketing tactics that Amazon does.  But – I took the bait and bought the book after having read the synopsis…. which sounds intriguing and “right up my alley” (as my mother would say).

The author, Miranda July, had started reading the PennySaver, which is a classified ad type flyer, that allows people to post their items for free, as long as the item was being sold for less than $100.  As the author notes in her book, sort of like Craigslist (or Kijii) for those that haven’t entered into the world of…

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